Adding screenshots from Jetpack

First attempt from iPhone

Published by Syd Geraghty

Professional mathematician, teacher, computer and communications systems developer. Research Fellow at the Institute of Computer Science & UCL, London, England (1972 -1975). CEO, Founder QNX Software Systems Inc. (The QNX OS was bought by RIM and is now the BlackBerry 10 proprietary mobile operating system). VP Operations at HaL a SPARC supercomputer startup acquired by Fujitsu. Research, Marketing & Operations experience at Elliott Automation Radar Research, Plessey (UK), BNR Ottawa, Nortel, National Semi, Intel, & Sun Microsystems. My current goal is to create a new international institution "The Institute of Computational Knowledge" to accelerate reaching Stephen Wolframs goal for the Wolfram Language. To directly quote Stephen: "Stephen Wolfram: My goal with the Wolfram Language is to have a language in which computations can conveniently be expressed for both humans and machines—and in which we’ve integrated as much knowledge about computation and about the world as possible. In a way, the Wolfram Language is aimed at finally achieving some of the goals Leibniz had 300 years ago." Please stay connected for news on the progress of this project which started for me on Thursday, June 4, 2020 during the Working Session on the Wolfram Physics Project.

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